Friday, 21 September 2012


As every day is bringing us closer to publication day, I decided to give you an insight into my upcoming novel. ‘Listen to the heartbeat’ is a love story, but I couldn’t just write about Prince Charming coming on a white horse to rescue the demoiselle in distress. So I ended up writing a hodgepodge of romance with a bit of Southern soul and drawl sprinkled throughout it, heaps of twists and turns, a splash of action with a bunch of smart-looking commandos, and an ending that will make the readers want to strangle me then hopefully decide that I deserve to be brought back from hell with a skillful CPR mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. To say it more flowery, the novel is a story of love and betrayal that brims with warmth, heartache and tender moments. Its intriguing storylines follow the characters throughout the trials in their relationships in a mix of romance, sensual tension and emotional edge. In all fairness, I think that the latter description sounds too cheesy, so let’s forget about it, shall we?
So what is it all about? Here we go:
Andrew Langston focuses his entire life on taking care of his multi-billion dollar business. Hence his uncontained irritation when he must return a favor to his father and become the legal guardian of orphan Lucy Whitfield, the heiress to her late father’s enormous business empire, until she turns eighteen in five months time. But all his discontent melts away when he meets his beautiful pupil and decides he wants her. Not even the fact that Lucy is madly in love with Peter Randall, a business tycoon who returns her affection with just as much adoration will stop Andrew Langston from attempting to reach his goal. He takes advantage of the provisions of the guardianship agreement to keep the two lovers apart, and relentlessly pursues Lucy, stopping at nothing to win her heart. His efforts, helped by time and a few twists of fate, eventually start turning the wheels until one day Lucy realizes that she’s in love with two men. Only that she couldn’t possibly have two lovers, as much as she’s smitten with both of them. They are so different, but very much the same in one way: they both desperately want Lucy Whitfield and are not willing to back away. Their goals will turn her life upside down when they clash. But while one’s personal interests will endanger her life, the other’s will keep her alive. One of them will ultimately achieve what he wants. But which one?

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Well, I hope I didn’t forget to tell you important things… I am by nature a forgetful person. But what can I do, I’m only human and prone to imperfections, because God gave me the gift of writing (I believe) so he must have taken a big chunk of me from somewhere else.
Until my next post, my warmest regards to everyone!


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  2. Liliana, good luck with your new novel.

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  4. Good luck with your new novel, Liliana. Keep us posted.

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