Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It's official!

Hello everyone!
A lot of things happened since my last post! Firstly, I won $19.75 on Powerball night and I bought myself a pretzel, two chocolate bars and a Hungry Jack’s meal. Secondly, it was my dog’s birthday. My sweet mongrel turned 10, or so I think, because nobody could ever vouch that she was even born in September, let alone in 2002. Finally, Musa Publishing made it official in their calendar. ‘Listen to the heartbeat’ will be released on December the 28th. Do you want to see? Here it is:

How exciting is that? By the look of that blurb (which is, by the way, my creation), when the two business moguls clash, my poor little orphan is going to get squashed on the wall like an insignificant ant hit with a fly swat. Do you think that this is what is going to happen? What about if you’re all wrong, and there comes Prince Charming on the back of a white horse to rescue the demoiselle in distress? Maybe not…  Just to give you a head start, you have less than three and a half months before you can find out.
In other news, I have now created a Facebook Author page where you can join me for updated news. The link is http://www.facebook.com/pages/Liliana-Soare/410221582373202?ref=hl .

For those who wish to befriend me on Facebook, my personal page can be found at  http://www.facebook.com/liliana.soare.507#!/liliana.soare.507
Until my next post, my warmest regards to everyone!