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Interview with M.C.V. Egan, author of “The Bridge of Deaths”

I have been waiting for quite some time to offer to all my friends who so kindly joined me on this blog the opportunity to discover an amazing book: “The Bridge of Deaths” by fellow author M.C.V. Egan. I must say that I would have given this book more stars, had the standard allowed me to go beyond five. So I had to accept the limitations, and have rated it FIVE STARS.

The Bridge of Deaths” is a poignant account of a true story that took place at the brink of World War II, when an English plane crashed and sunk in Danish waters.  M.C.V. Egan’s novel is an impressive testimony of her quest to discover the true circumstances behind her grandfather's death. The story skilfully blends fiction with non-fiction, and displays an amazing, painstaking historical research that by no means clutters the novel, nor does it make it harder to read. To the contrary, it makes it fascinating, keeping the reader glued to the pages, all the more because it is beautifully blended in perfect balance with elements of romance, mystery, psychology and parapsychology. A good book is one that makes us worry that it will end too soon. I had already started to think so when I was half way through “The Bridge of Deaths”. I do not hesitate to recommend it to all my fans and friends. Please grab a copy on the links listed further below, it sells in digital format. If you don’t have a Kindle or Nook device you can simply download the Kindle or Nook applications on your computer or other device (IPod, IPad, IPhone, or any other Smart Phone etc). Also available on Amazon paperback, link also provided further below.

And now I’ll give you some more treats, an opportunity to better know the novel’s author, the one and only M.C.V. Egan.

M. C. V. Egan is the chosen pen name for Maria Catalina Egan, author of “The Bridge of Deaths”. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico; M.C.V. Egan has lived in various parts of the USA as well as France and Sweden. She is fluent in four languages; Spanish, French, Swedish and English.

Maria Catalina Egan is married and has one son, who together with their five pound Chihuahua make her feel like a fulltime mother. Although she would not call herself an Astrologer she has taken many classes and taught a few beginner classes in Astrology. This is one of her many past times when she is not writing or researching. 

Catalina is very passionate about “The Bridge of Deaths”, as the novel has a sentimental value to her. She has explained to me why:

The Bridge of Deaths is a cross genre novel with a strong factual side. It is about a 1939 plane crash in Denmark in which five men were reported dead. Because the crash took place in between two jurisdictions the investigation involved a power play between the police from Vordingborg and Nykoping. The newly formed Danish Secret Police was also heavily involved and added more confusion.

M.C.V. Egan’s Grandfather Cesar Agustin Castillo an executive for Standard Oil of New Jersey was one of the five men on board the plane, extreme curiosity about his life and death are what inspired me to write The Bridge of Deaths. There are American, British, German, Palestinian angles to the story.

The book was researched for almost two decades through archives, newspaper microfilms, history books and interviews. It was also researched through documented past-life regressions (not the authors) and the use of psychometry by 5 different psychics.

The actual bridge in Denmark has been the center of much death, primarily during WW II and in modern day Denmark it became a popular bridge for people seeking to commit suicide. The Cover photo was taken by my Husband; I chose it to thank him for all his patience while I worked on the book.

Amongst the many good reviews it has received a common thread is that readers seem to feel like they become part of a small intimate group that researches the events. I have also gotten the fantastic “you made me like history” feedback which is a pretty cool feeling.

The Midwest Book Review called The Bridge of deaths “An Unusual yet much recommended read” and gave it FIVE stars.

And here are a few questions that I asked Catalina, and her answers. Quite interesting I must say.

1.      What genre does your book fall under?

The Bridge of Deaths does not have a definitive genre. It is also a little more than a basic cross-genre; it has historical, engineering, factual, fictional, mystery, metaphysical and romantic elements.

It has a strong factual side that is well-documented. That revolves around a 1939 passenger plane crash two weeks before WWII broke out in Europe and in which five men were reported dead; a German corporate lawyer, two executives for standard Oil of New Jersey, an English Member of Parliament and an employee for British airways LTD.

 There is a narrative that weaves the story with the use of past lives and psychics are the metaphysical.

The two main characters Bill and Maggie have a very sweet love story that seems to seduce the readers as it unfolds.

2.      What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

Cross The Bridge of Deaths into 1939 in this well-documented historical journey with a fictional twist and a touch of the metaphysical.

3.      Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I think that a play would not work at all for this story, it would require the dazzle and illusion that only film can offer, it could very well be a mini-series as it is so full of data, and frankly it is all relevant.

I have found that this is a popular question and I love to dream big. The perfect guy for Bill is Alex O’Loughlin, as he would have to play both Bill in 2010 and The Pilot in 1939; with the American and Australian accents spot on.

My husband says Emily Blunt is the perfect Maggie  and I think he is right.

Here is my full star cast.

Bill / Pilot Clifford C. W. Wright – Alex O’Loughlin

Maggie/ Pilot’s wife – Emily Blunt

Catalina – Julia Ormond (She might be too young)

Anthony Crossley – Colin Firth (He might not be young enough)

Cesar A. Castillo – Andy Garcia

Erich Bruno Wilhelm Beuss- Hans Landa (He would need to gain weight)

Samuel James Simonton – Johnny Depp (the not quirky type from movies like the Rum Diaries)

Alfred Stanley Mardsin Leigh - Johnny Lee Miller

And since dreaming doesn’t cost anything I will choose a sky is the limit crew for the parts of the various inspectors, engineers, airline owners and politicians  as they can be older, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, John Travolta.

4.      What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

The Bridge of Deaths is very different. I constantly get the feedback that people have never seen a book like it before. The Midwest Book Review called it… ‘ an Unusual yet much recommended read’.

Because the crash took place in between two jurisdictions the investigation involved a power play between the police from the cities of Vordingborg and Nykoping, in Denmark, add to that the newly formed secret police and it fills the story with intrigue and mystery that was so commonplace in that era.

The metaphysical aspects are from renowned psychics and a Shaman who helped with the regressions of the “real Bill” into the 1930s as well as with psychometry.

The book wove ingredients that are not usually found together and footnoted all factual date for would be curious researches or those who wish to dispute what I found.

5.      Who or What inspired you to write this book?

The initial spark of inspiration was the mystery of my grandfather’s death. He was one of the executives from standard Oil of New Jersey on board the ill-fated flight. He was a complicated and interesting man. He was originally from Mexico but spent many years as a child studying and living in Germany. He also studied in the USA and was fluent in five languages.

After the crash the German corporate lawyer was ‘investigated’ but my grandfather was not, and to quote what the curator at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum; Ron Davies said to me “You do realize you are researching the life of a spy don’t you?” CHILLS!

That being said familial curiosity or rattling skeletons in the proverbial closet was not what ended up fuelling the desire.

It was the discrepancies in so many ‘reputable’ sources of information that made me want to present the data in a way that the reader is absolutely respected to be able to use their own discernment and form their own opinion.

It also explores the manipulations that often lead us to war, too me the greatest tragedy that we possess as human beings, war all war. I feel we should be fighting the wars of hunger, ignorance, disease instead of fighting each other.

6.      Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

The Bridge of Deaths is a cross genre and the readers vary widely; the history buffs find all the documented data interesting. The plane crash is an actual mystery and that has an appeal to those who like mystery or conspiracies. The technical data on the Lockheed Electra 10A appeals to airplane people. I added a love story with a couple seeking the historical data to resolve past life issues and that again seems to attract a different reader altogether.

Amongst the many good reviews it has received a common thread is that readers seem to feel like they become part of a small intimate group that researches the events. I have also gotten the fantastic “you made me like history” feedback which is a pretty cool feeling.

But if I can relay one simple message is that PEACE is the answer and that it applies to all questions.

7.      What has been your best moment as a writer?

I have had many wonderful moments. For this interview I would love to share the feeling when I received in the mail from Australia a copy of the October 2011 issue of The Pacific Flyer. As I flipped the pages and saw a book or two featured in the corner of random pages, I was not prepared for page 39; A FULL PAGE, that was an AMAZING feeling and it makes me so love Australians!

8.      What is your personal cure for procrastination?

Motherhood! It teaches you to know how to seize the moments. The Bridge of Deaths took very long to complete for several reasons, the most important of which was that my child would not be two or four or need me in such a hands on way for ever, whereas history, the past was certainly not going to change or run away!

9.      What does your workspace look like?

I have a very nice fun girly-girl office; full of all that I need; a wooden desk, bookshelves stuffed with wonderful books, dictionaries, and thesaurus.

 A PC and a paper shredder, loads of big yellow legal pads, pens, pencils erasers, paper clips, tabs and any other thing a writer would desire. It is a magical wonderful room.

HOWEVER! I find that I am working there less and less, the laptop is so portable and it is such a nice feeling to work anywhere.

10.    What do you do when you’re not writing or reading?

I work on promoting my work and that of other writers. I have two Blogs and will soon open a third one and I work at least two hours per day on promoting and cross-promoting.

For fun I walk. I live in south Florida and we have so many wonderful places where I can walk and feel like I am in the most extraordinary settings. Sometimes I walk at a fast pace while still absorbing my surroundings. Right now it is nesting season so I walk slowly and enjoy the nests of a wide variety of birds.

For more fun I cook and try at least one new thing every month. I recently discovered Jerusalem Artichokes or Sun Chokes and they are most delicious steamed with lemon juice and olive oil with a dash of sea salt. Of course I also love to eat!

I enjoy going to the movies, museums and a wide variety of art and crafts.

Most of all I love, love, love to travel and Australia is on my wish list!

Thank you so very much Liliana for this wonderful opportunity to be your guest.

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