Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Five star review for 'Listen To The Heartbeat'

'Listen To The Heartbeat' just got its second, shiny 5 star review, this time from Carmen Stefanescu, author of the magnificent novel 'Shadows of the Past'. Wanna see? I bet you do. Here it is:

Review: Listen To The Heartbeat by Liliana Soare

All romance lovers out there will enjoy Liliana's debut novel

Edward Whitfield dies, leaving his daughter, Lucy, a very wealthy orphan. Until she turns eighteen, in five months, she just changes her jailor. Andrew Langston becomes the new guardian to the frail but stubborn girl who'd sunk her teeth in his arm, years ago.

Lucy is beautiful but don't be fooled by her appearance; she is stubborn and determined as well. And her heart is given to a wonderful and rich young man, Peter Randall. Her attempts to be with him are continually hindered by the tyrannical jailer, Andrew. She will do everything in her power to be with the love of her life, Peter, on the one hand, while Andrew's heart melts under her gaze, on the other.

The story picks up momentum from the moment Andrew and Lucy meet and never once falters in its intensity. Taming the shrew, Lucy has become after her father's death, is not an easy job for Andrew as Lucy behaves naughty, reckless and immature at times that had me rolling my eyes in frustration.

I enjoyed the original and intriguing plot and the sizzling sensual chemistry that she creates between her romantic leads. Liliana's story includes all the ingredients for a pleasant, entertaining read: love, grief, cheating and peril. It's the kind of book you want to keep reading, but never want it to end! I enjoyed the story and the writing. I give it 5 stars
Isn't that wonderful? For those interested, the novel can be purchased on Amazon at Listen to the Heartbeat or on Musa Publishing website at Listen to the Heartbeat


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